So, what will we do for you?

Our aim is to help build a more sustainable world. One brand at a time.

Let’s Be Real, running a business is hard, life is short and joy is vital. We know that the B Corp certification process can be overwhelming, stressful and time consuming. That’s why Be Real exists – to make the process simple, straightforward and understandable for you. With us, you’re in safe hands.

B Corp encourages brands to Be Bold, to harness the power of business as a force for good, to disrupt thinking and ensure that the planet and its occupants are looked after, making for a green and prosperous future.
Together, our goal is to help support brands to Be Better.

We specialise in guiding Beauty, Fashion, Home and Lifestyle brands through the B Corp process.

By working with us, you are already helping the planet. Be Better – Be Real plant over a quarter acre of trees for every client that we work with.

The Process:
From good intentions to meaningful actions.

You Are Here
  • We look at your business through the eyes of the B Corp application process.
  • We first look at how your business would score on the assessment, without making any changes.
  • We do most of the leg work here to help minimise the impact on your team whilst going through the process.
Making Change
  • Once a baseline score has been established, Be Real will outline a road map to make the changes needed to qualify.
  • We understand that your teams are stretched, so for the transformation process, we will recommend working with our team of handpicked specialists.
  • Our team of associates include B Leaders in the community, who specialise in environment to employment, branding, sustainability, finance, supply chain and beyond.
See Results
  • We will complete your B Corp application together.
  • Once you are certified and part of the B Corp community, we will remain on hand to support you with anything B Corp related.

To join the B Corp movement, because let’s Be Real,
we can all Be Better. Join the B Corp Movement