INTERVIEW SERIES: What the B Corp logo means to me.

We talk to real people who exercise their purchasing power by choosing to shop B Corp

Tim, 70, from Norfolk, often shops in the B Corp aisle at Waitrose. The B Corp aisle is a fairly
recent addition to the online experience. Although the premium supermarket has always
stocked B Corp brands, the choice to stock them all in one section demonstrates consumer
desire for products that are committed to doing well by people and planet.

We asked Tim:
Do you actively choose B Corp brands over non-B Corp certified brands?
I have found myself slowly choosing to switch from non-B Corp brands to as many B Corp
brands as possible, whilst sticking with the things I need. For example, I have switched all
my grooming products – shampoo, shower gel, face serum, to brands that I can see the B
Corp logo on. It was nice to try a range of new things and find new products that I love AND
do well by the planet. There are still some things that I buy that are non-B Corp, but I am
hoping to eventually switch these out too. Having the products all in one ‘aisle’ makes
switching without having to do arduous research much easier!!

Why are you switching to B Corp products?
Watching Blue Planet was a huge eye-opener for me. My children have always been savvier
when it comes to environmental things and I have to admit it was something I didn’t really
engage with. But this was the start – I had no idea the products I was buying had such an
impact, that even the kind of plastic used in packaging has a huge effect. Or that I could
make smarter choices. My kids told me about B Corp and explained what the logo stands for
and it has made becoming a better consumer so much easier, there was no reason for me
not to switch, really, this way I can treat myself and not feel guilty.

What is the best switch you have made so far?
My guilty pleasure is a sweet treat… chocolate! I used to buy whatever was on offer but I
discovered the Tony’s Chocolonely brand and haven’t looked back since – a product I may
not have even tried if I hadn’t been looking for B Corp chocolate but one that is now my