To B (Corp) or not to B (Corp)?

That is the question facing lots of brands looking to use their influence and business for

“B Corp” seems to have become a buzz word lately. That said, it can be a demanding and
time-consuming process to become part of the B Corp community and be able to use the
logo alongside your brand. So, is it really worth it and what are the benefits of being a B

We are living in a new era of consumerism, one where your customer knows the impact of
capitalism on the planet and the impact your product has on the environment. With so
much data available freely and so much product choice available to customers, many are
choosing to shop with brands that they perceive to be better – brands that look after both
people and planet.

Not only do customers know about B Corps and what they stand for, they are willing to
pay a premium to buy B Corp.

66% of global consumers said they were willing to pay more for sustainable products and

Carrying the B Corp logo on your product or website symbolises transparency and trust to
your customer.
Voluntarily putting your business through the elaborate process of
becoming a B Corp, where your business is under scrutiny from all angles, isn’t easy. And it
isn’t necessary. Your customers know this.
More than half of millennials say they are “loyal” to their favourite brands, half also say that
they seek out socially conscious brands and rank “authenticity” as a deciding factor in brand
So being a B Corp can earn you lifelong loyalty from your customers.

Becoming a B Corp means you also become part of a global community that works together
to use business as a force for good. With the shared B Corp goals at the heart, the
community shares information, advice and provides personal development as well as
creating opportunities for professionals to engage in meaningful conversations to keep your
business future proofed and forward thinking.

So, with all these positives, surely becoming a B Corp is a no brainer?
Well, the process can be difficult. Every single aspect of your business is assessed against
tough criteria to confirm that your brand aligns with the B Corp way. Navigating the B Corp
journey solo can be overwhelming and because of the level of detail needed, it can also be
drawn-out. Many brands don’t meet all the necessary criteria to qualify for B Corp status on
their first application. With our help, you can focus on the benefits of becoming a B Corp,
without having to worry about the hassle of the process. We do all the hard work and help
you Be Bold to Be Better, because let’s Be Real, we can all use an expert hand to guide us
when we go in a new direction.

Talk to us here to start your B Corp journey today!